tirsdag den 27. marts 2012

...and the winner is

I am happy to announce the winner of my One Month Anniversary Contest! Blame my husband if you're not satisfied with the result.

The winner of a lined zippered pouch (flower or japan style) is:




It's been a little while but I'm still here. My youngest daughter Dora had an ear infection and was like an extra limb for about a week. So while I wanted to I just couldn't get around to showing you all the things I've been doing. Today was the first day I could finally take some photos, so prepare yourself for a serious picture overload. :o)

First of all, I've been sewing an amazing sweatsuit for Dora. Last week, while she was still ill, I took her with me to the library one day, pulled all the books and magazines I could find about sewing out and rushed home. With her sleeping in my lap I managed to flip through some of them. The best ones were clearly the Ottobre magazines. My jaw dropped deeper with every page I turned while my mind went 'oh, but this one is too difficult..' and 'I really shouldn't buy any fabric' and so on.

Anyway, after a few days I couldn't resist anymore. I picked out a magazine (left) and a pattern (right) I really liked:

and I went to my local fabric shop and picked out a simple but suitable fabric. After making the jacket I realized that I had enough fabric for a pair of trousers so this was my final result:

The jacket is fully lined:

 and it has pockets, a hood and a zipper. It's amazingly soft and I'm so jealous. I want such a suit myself! The trousers have an elastic waistband and ribbing around the ankles, like the jacket does around the wrists.

Here Dora is in action - she didn't have time to smile since she was very hungry. :o)

And then I also made her a little apron/dress:

It's fully lined too, and open in the back:

The pattern is from this Danish sewing book by Hanne and Sofie Meedom (I highly recommend it, especially for beginners). Lots of drawings and explanations.

Now my only problem is that my oldest daughter Iris wants a sweatsuit too! In pink! Gah...

torsdag den 8. marts 2012

One Month Anniversary Contest

It's been one month since I opened my amio and etsy shops!

Let me just say that it's been a happening month. Wow! I hadn't expected this kind of welcome - but I'm happy, overwhelmed, surprised and... dare I say it - a little proud.

I've been dreaming of opening my own shop for a long time now but I haven't had the time before, and honestly I wasn't sure that the online world of craftsmen would have spare room for little me. So many talented and creative people are out there! It's amazing to see. But it seems that there is just a little room for me too, and with an upcoming article on the front page of amio I think it's safe to say that I'm here for good. :o)

I'm still sewing bags and purses from the lovely flower fabric but I've also got a new style:


I love this fabric. The colours are so clear and the Japanese dolls are too cute. I will be making bags, purses and playmats just like in the FLOWER series.

To celebrate that it's been one month now I'm hosting a little CONTEST!

All you have to do is to leave a comment on my blog and you can win a purse like this one

either in the FLOWER or the JAPAN series.

Lets see if we can make it to 50 commenters! Then I'll draw the winner.

Until then - enjoy the spring. :o)

torsdag den 1. marts 2012


What do you do when you inherit a pile of such gorgeous fabric?

I mean, look at it!

So beautiful.

Well, the answer is: you start thinking. You imagine.. you try different things, and then you grab your scissors and you start cutting.

And you find some matching trimming, some matching lining and a big button and you start sewing a little.

And then you sew some more and you iron (a lot). And in the end you get this:

One beautiful bag! Or maybe even this, if you happen to have a zipper around:

And then you become very happy and satisfied. 

Do you want a bag too? You can buy a finished bag right here and the purse here (or take a look here if you're in Denmark). 

If you would like to sew your own bag, I also offer sewing kits with everything included, ready to go cut up fabric and sewing instructions. 

You can buy it here or here in Danish.