torsdag den 23. februar 2012

Thrift Store Findings

A little while ago I went on a tour to the local thrift shops. I've had great luck with that before, I love it!

I live far from the capital - maybe this is why I always find so many great things, the crowds don't come here. :o) Or maybe other people wouldn't ever consider buying what I bought, but I think they're all little treasures.

This time was even better than usual because one of the shops had 50% off on everything - that's 50% off on a price that's already ridiculously low. So I went a little mad:

There were embroidered pillowcases

Old photo frames, as good as new

Adorable handkerchiefs

20 (!) zippers and some sewing thread

Children's books from the 70's (I just love the drawings)

And finally, the findings above all findings: old knitting books! I almost fainted when I saw them.

They are amazing! Patterns for women, men, children, toddlers, babies, dolls... So great. :o))

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