onsdag den 13. juni 2012

Smocking, part 1

A very generous lady in Australia pleated up some lovely fabric for me to make smocked dresses for my girls. She sent it all the way to Denmark, including patterns, magazines, booklets, needles, a needlecase etc... I've been so spoiled!

Yesterday I finally managed to go into town to get some embroidery floss:

They are all DMC 25. The colours I am using are:

White: 3865
Dark purple: 3834
Medium purple: 3835
Light purple: 3836
Green: 320
Yellow: 744

And today I am doing my very first row ever of smocking! The cable stitch, up and down cable. It's so much fun! I thought I would keep track of the videos and tutorials I'm using here if anyone is interested in learning how to smock too.

My cable stitch:

The video I used was this one from youtube.

Oh and I'm left handed, so don't let the direction of my sewing confuse you.

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