mandag den 4. juni 2012

Sock Madness

It's been so long since I last blogged that it's embarassing. It's not that I don't have anything to blog about! But life with two busy girls and one busy puppy leaves me very little time for blogging.

Ah well.

Apparently it leaves me enough time for knitting. ;o)

Here are the two pair of socks I've knit during the past couple of months. They're both from Cookie A's book Sock Innovation. I love that book! I got it years ago but until now it only served as goodnight reading. I thought they all looked beautiful but too complicated. Also, I wanted to learn to knit two socks at a time and experiment with different techniques - toe-up, cuff-down and so on.

I finally felt ready and I started with this pair:

They're called Vilai and the yarn was Dream in Color Smooshy in the colorway Bermuda Teal. It was an enjoyable knit all the way through and I love that the cuff is long.

So with the feeling of success I started the pair that I've in reality been dreaming of knitting ever since I got the book! Bex.

Oh my! They were indeed complicated! I'm usually a pretty fast knitter and I could have knit myself in entire sweater during the three weeks or more it took me to knit these. But I'm glad I started them - and more importantly that I finished them! Because they're just so beautiful and the fit is PERFECT. And they're so warm because of all the cabling.
The yarn was Skinny Bugga and I almost used an entire skein. My mother and sister got me the yarn at Rhinebeck last year. I dream of going there one day too. Until then - I'll just be fondling my Bex. :o)

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